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Dear Potential Employees:

We're very happy to you are interested in ProActive Diagnostic Services, Inc. We want our association to be a mutually beneficial and pleasant one. You are evaluating an organization that has established an outstanding reputation for quality services. Credit for this goes to every one of our employees. 

We are proud of our well logging services and we realize that everyone must do their part to insure that PDS continues to be successful. We are genuinely interested in your personal and professional growth and development, we will do all we can to support your efforts. 

Nothing is more important to our success than the dedication and efforts of our employees. Our competitors can duplicate all operating practices, techniques, and technology but they cannot duplicate the pride, enthusiasm and commitment of our people. This is the margin of difference that gives us the competitive edge that is enjoyed by no other organization in our business. At PDS, Inc our people are making the difference. 

Compensation and personal satisfaction gained from doing a job well are only some of the reasons most people work. Most likely, many other factors count among your reasons for working: pleasant relationships, good working conditions, career development, and promotion opportunities. ProActive Diagnostic Services, Inc. is committed to doing its part to assure you a satisfying work experience. 


I extend to you my personal best wishes for your success and happiness and welcome you to submit your resume to us via e-mail


Jennifer Thompson Vice President PDS Inc